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Ibis can help you design, stress test, and offer new unique jumbo products

We have lots of data on actual loans and have created sophisticated simulation models that can help you design innovative jumbo products and offer them to your brokers and correspondents through Ibis Software. See Retirement. Ibis has assisted several lenders and investors.

Ibis Software includes these proprietary loan products:

  • James B. Nutter Jumbo
  • Fannie Mae HomeKeeper
  • MEMBERS Trust Reverse Equity Mortgage (REM)
  • Reverse Home Solutions (CS RHS)
  • Ibis Generic Jumbo
  • And a bunch of dead ducks
  • WAF Equity Plus Advantage (EPA Retail)
  • WAF Equity Plus Advantage (EPA Wholesale)
  • WAF Simple 60 Retail
  • WAF Simple 60 Wholesale
  • Ibis Generic Jumbo
  • Proprietary Loan 1 for counselors
  • Proprietary Loan 2 for counselors

And investors such as UBS, Credit Suisse, MEMBERS Trust, etc. have chosen Ibis as their preferred partner in offering their loan products to various lenders.

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