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Ibis licenses two Quick QuoteTM (QQ) tools:

(1) An online one that is used on the consumer websites of the NRMLA and several major lenders. This Ibis Reverse Mortgage Calculator (RMC) is quite universal and allows consumers to compare any type of reverse mortgage. The Ibis online calculators receive 30,000 visitors each month.

(2) A PC-based Quick Quote tool -- the Ibis 'Kitchen Table' calculator. It compares two adjustable-rate HECM's to a fixed-rate HECM using parameters that the user sets. Side-by-side comparisons, amortization tables and charts will let you quickly show Mrs. Jones that the lender she's loves, with his LIBOR+300, are a poor choice compared to your LIBOR +275.  

Ibis Online Quick QuoteTM has an unmatched client list:
Consumer Quick Quote Other Quick Quote Tools
National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Assoc. HECM for Purchase (S1L Traditional style)
           The NRMLA is the #1 RM calculator HECM for Purchase (Fancy style w Savings)
James B. Nutter (National Servicer) Smart Phone Version (enter RMD or rmd for User ID)
Advanced Version (Amortization Schedule and TALC) And many more

Licensees choose the products they wish to show. HECM 1-year Treasury (monthly + annual), HECM LIBOR (monthly + annual), HECM 1-month Treasury, HECM Fixed Rate; and with the online version, a Generic Jumbo, and many other proprietary reverse mortgages are available. To include a proprietary jumbo on your website requires the investor's permission.

Licensees choose the margins, loan fees and monthly service fees within the parameters of each product. Licensees choose how many pages (2, 3 or 5) they wish to show plus whether or not to use the popular Ibis' Five Reasons page.

Licensee's logo will be at the top of each page.


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