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Ibis Software has been the standard of the reverse mortgage industry since 1995. Ibis licenses online reverse mortgage software products that are second to none, including the Reverse Mortgage Analyst (RMA), Reverse Mortgage Quick Quote (QQ) and Reverse Mortgage Originator (RMO), the first non-HUD software to propose and disclose HECMs.

Test drive the new Ibis Retirement Spending tools at SAFEMAX . Advanced Monte Carlo models show the great benefits of using a reverse mortgage as a portfolio withdrawal supplement.

For those occasions where you do not have Internet access, Ibis offers a Kitchen Table calculator that can simply run on your laptop. Ibis also has an online application for iPhone, BlackBerry and other smart phones. http://bit.ly/VlqPv is one link to the mobile calculator.

Ibis Software covers the full loan cycle from proposals to counseling to application to underwriting to documents to investor. There is version of Ibis RMA especially designed for HUD-Approved Counselors.

We do not make loans and are not your competitor. We are an independent software provider and knowledgebase. Be sure to check out our Activity Reports.

Ibis Software is used by six of the top ten loan originators. Plus the AARP and NRMLA websites and many other lenders, banks and credit unions who use Ibis Software for their websites, retail and wholesale businesses.

To schedule a demo or arrange a test drive, contact Ibis.

Note: Effective January 1, 2009, NETirement.com, Inc. absorbed the assets of Ibis Capital, LLC and changed its name to Ibis Software Corporation.

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